Welcome to Scapers NatureAcrylic Aquarium Tank Manufacture.
We are dedicated to creating a unique and creative environment, using top of the line materials for all fish tank and aquascaping lovers. Our fish tanks are made from the clearest acrylic glass in the market. Infos in Deutsch

An Aquarium Tank Like Nothing Before

An Aquarium Tank with a transparency that allows you to focus on what really matters: Your Fishs, Your Biotope Layout, and Your Planted Aquascape.

Why Scapers Nature

Each Scapers Nature Acrylic Aquarium Tank is produced by a well trained staff in Berlin. We’re using high quality PLEXIGLAS® GS acrylic and use a special technique to melt the plates precisely  to create the most durable and resilient tanks available. Our tanks are rimless, with no disturbing silicone joints or reducing low iron glass. Its like if the water, fish and plants are floating in mid air.